Once again, I had to see what all the hype was about. I have to mention that I've never read the Harry Potter books and the one book on CD that I borrowed put me to sleep.

It was pretty entertaining. I usually enjoy fantasy movies. (except Dungeons and Dragons...*shudder*...)

Ron's even more annoying than ever. His voice changed so that just adds to the annoyance level.

Harry's finally grown some testicles and stands up to Malfoy. He actually does more magic in this one although he still doesn't know how to fix his broken glasses.

Hermione's about the same. Bit of a know it all still but nicer about it.

I have to remind myself that they are children actors and I should grant them some let me just say that they all have a lot of room to improve. Then I think of Kirsten Dunst and how good of a job she did in "Interview With A Vampire"...

Overall, it was mildly entertaining. From what I heard it does follow the book pretty well. JK Rowling has created a world for millions of children worldwide to enjoy. It must count for something.

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