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Art Bell had been pimping this movie (based in part on a book he co-authored call The Coming Global Superstorm) like a kid on his first visit to the Hollywood candy store. My movie watching partner likes weather disaster movies. Naturally I ended up seeing this movie.

Since the original Bell/Streiber book was not fiction, I was a little curious what the plot might hold. With the former Independence Day director and a huge summer marketing push I figured I could at least come away with some neat "what if that happened" images. Surprisingly, the movie delivered fun images and situations, as well as an ok story, leaving it very watchable. There were only a few small scenes where the computer animation was overly distracting.

I'm not sure what Jake Gyllenhaal was doing on this movie after some strong small film performances, but he was good as usual. This was worth the cost of admission for the big screen but might loose something on the small screen.

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