"that's a man"

Having no previous Stepford Wives experience I went into this movie with light expectations. Overall I was pleased with the story and the look even if it was bit of a moving sidewalk straight back to the car.

It became obvious up front that there were some sinister robotics at work. It might have been nice to string out that mystery longer.

For once, Bette Midler was tolerable. Broderick is managing to seperate himself from his younger films. Walken is a favorite and was doing his usual. Kidman had some pretty amazing looks and played a page from Parker Posey's book in some scenes.

The story is light hearted and there are some funny moments. I especially enjoyed the shooting of Kidman, Broderick, and family in the first 20 minutes. Her height was very accentuated, and both were made to look oddly young and glossed which set the stage well for Stepford.

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