The Way of the Intercepting Fist

First off, I'm a big Bruce Lee fan. I've seen all his movies and some of the Green Hornet series. He's not the greatest actor, but he did make great action movies. Off the screen, he was a phenomenal martial artist. I've read some biographies of Bruce. This movie is based on two of them; one of them by Bruce's widow, Linda Lee Caldwell.

Jason Scott Lee (no relation to Bruce) does a great job portraying Bruce Lee. Unfortunately, Jason doesn't have any martial arts skills. This will be very apparent during the fight sequences. But I've heard, it's easier to teach an actor a skill than to teach the one who is skilled to act. So this worked out very well.

The movie explores Bruce Lee's childhood and brings to light some of his inner demons and fears.

The DVD has lots of extras including an interview with Bruce Lee himself and a commentary from Linda Lee Caldwell. There's also a photo gallery with great shots of Bruce and his family.

I loved it. Definitely not to be missed.

If any of you are comic book fans, there was a short 9-10 episode series from Malibu comics about Bruce. It was dramatized and loosely based on his life filled with little adventures and challenges. Might be worth checking out.

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