"We need new friends"

Watching this film, I knew before long that it was written by a guy. Perhaps there are more stereotyped depictions of male/female relations out there - in fact, I'm sure of it. And yes, a movie can have a point of view, and exploiting stereotypes is a staple of comedy, but in this case, the setup and supposed jokes are so bland and predictable, there's essentially nothing to the film.

French Stewart is a television writer who falls for Bridgette Wilson, an interior decorator. He's the schmuck, and she's the schemer, and before long they're at each other's throats like cats and dogs. The only motivation for most of the events of the film are simply not wanting to back down. It's all about the humor, and it is funny at times, but the laughs are weak because it's also so transparent.

I've seen Wilson also in the similarly juvenile Buying the Cow, as well as another fairly stereotyped role in Just Visiting. I suspect this is a case of her looks getting the way of good roles. As for Stewart, he's not had a lot of variety since landing Third Rock from the Sun, despite a few more interesting bit roles before then. How appropriate that the actors in this movie of stereotypes, have been stereotyped themselves?

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