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Let's see if I've got this right. There's a major electrical storm around this southern backwater town, and all of a sudden, worms are out to get everyone. I've heard ridiculous horror movie premises, and sometimes they are executed fairly well (see The Ring for one example).

At one point, a character falls out of a boat. He gets attacked, the worms burrowing into his face. He tries to get back in the boat, but spills the other occupant into the water. She does not get attacked. Why?

Our male lead discovers a dead man. He opens the man's shirt. Why? The action isn't motivated by anything other than to show the audience a bunch of worms on his chest. Then this guy starts banging on the dead guy's chest with a shovel. Again, why? Perhaps they are deadly worms, but at this point at least, they are just squirming around on this guy's chest. What good is this senseless beating?

So, yes, these worms become an increasing threat. People die, and we see lots of shots of the little bastards not really doing much except having large numbers. The biggest effort in the film was clearly in corralling all these worms, or perhaps worm-looking things.

Not only is the writing bad, but the directing and acting as well. Sure, there are probably more completely bad films than completely good ones. Failing in all three major creative categories and still getting distribution seems to only happen that often in horror. There's no question that bad horror can be its own reward, at least for some people, but you can't argue that this makes for anything good about a movie.

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