What does intimacy mean to you?

Yet another review reconstructed from notes of the Sundance 2001 festival.

(1/20/01) Intimacy - This is a difficult movie for American sensibilities. It is the first spoken-English movie for French director Patrice Chéreau. I've seen one other French movie lately - Romance - aside from the habit of broad one word titles, and not speaking for French cinema as a whole, I do see similarities. Emotion is the driving force here - there is no generated pretext, in character or otherwise, for putting the characters together. I had no idea about what film was coming up (this it pretty much the rule - my pass is for one theatre only, so I only need to know start times, plus I like to be surprised). The audience was buzzing with the expected provocativeness of the film - mutterings like "this movie's not going to have a Q&A - it's going to have T&A". And the film delivered, but that's not the point. It is there to reveal the emotional core of what's going on. Yes, it stands out to eyes unaccustomed to it. To be honest, I prefer the stylized, tantalizing American "love scene", but the reason is that it is fantasy - here, in this context, these scenes present the desperate emptiness that can be found in life. This is cinema that can make you uncomfortable, challenging you with ideas that most of us don't want to face.

To place this on a scale of ten so long after is difficult, but I'd call it at least a solid seven, with a stern warning that it's not for everyone.

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