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Swimfan is kind of the Fatal Attraction for the teen set, featuring a young competitive swimmer, Ben, and the new girl at school, Madison. He's got a girlfriend already, but Madison takes an obsessive interest in him.

He doesn't really address the situation, and she's a bit too nuts for reality. There could be a compelling story here, but it slips quite unintentionally over the edge into camp. The film's attitude toward itself is so serious, and the story is simply pushed too far to make sense. If they'd relaxed a bit and allowed the characters some room to think and breathe instead of reacting on such an obvious base level...

There's a style in the editing at certain moments, repeating a fraction of a moment between shots. I can see how this might be a little disconcerting, but really, I don't have a problem with it. It reinforces the kind of movie Swimfan is trying to be. With all the moody lighting and leaden moments, we know very clearly the intentions here. And that's where it falls apart.

Avoid this one like you'd avoid this Madison character in real life.

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