You're fired!

What is with this film? There's something going on, for sure, but what it is, or why we're supposed to care, is lost to us.

We start with three men travelling in the old west. They seem a little down on their luck, and there's a particular town where they don't seem particularly welcome.

I can accept that some details are unimportant, especially for a character piece, which seems to be what this one's trying to be. The building blocks, the individual moments, of the film are meant to be evocative on their own terms, but the greatest failure is that these moments simply don't work.

For example, take the first moment of dramatic suspense in the film. One of the men is fishing in a river, and something big has snagged on the line. There's excitement, but another of the men ends up cutting the line. Apparently, the first man has caught a body which was floating down the river. We never get to see it until the very end of the scene, when the fairly cheap prop body floats away in a highly stylized shot. More importantly, we never have a shot referencing the water, or anything giving us a clue as to why the second man knew what was really going on. This sort of disconnect continues throughout, both in the direction and editing (like this scene), as well as the writing, which leaves us wondering if any scene, or piece of dialog for that matter, is really necessary at all.

I will give the film this: they've done well with a clearly low budget. There are some great shots, which could have made for a beautiful looking film, if not for the odd editing style, which relies way too heavily on cross-fading - too often between shots that just don't combine well.

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