Death by mediocrity

Was the cop buddy comedy-drama genre really needing another entry? I suppose it's like going out to dinner - sometimes you want something light. And it doesn't get much lighter than this. Harrison Ford and Josh Hartnett are the erstwhile homicide detectives responsible here for keeping our diets in check.

The script wisely stays away from over the top comedy, relying largely on character and situation focused laughs. As for the requisite mystery, the film makes no pretense of slowly unraveling, clue by clue - we know pretty quickly who the bad guys are. The details are typicallly not worthy of repeating here, being of the trumped-up, gotta-have-something kind of story. They complicate things by giving Ford a sideline business in real estate (not doing that well), and Hartnett no longer wishes to be a cop, but rather an actor.

Toward the end, the film desperately tries to fulfill its genre requirements. The laughs do actually get bigger as we descend into another trumped up chase sequence. Even as I write this, I realize that I could copy this review, with a few minor changes, for any of a number of films. Hollywood Homicide gives us nothing new we haven't seen before. There's an attempt to create interesting characters, but it's half-hearted, coming second, or perhaps even imposed, by the Hollywood template that seems unintentionally ridiculed in the end.

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