Moving Out of MacArthur Park

As a take it or leave it Hip Hop - Rap fan, I was blown away by the soundtrack. I felt the music blended and pulled the movie together, it set the pace and took the viewer on a roller coaster ride.

As a heavy duty movie viewer for over 30 years I thought the ensemble cast was extraordinary, with faces many of us will try and place from other films, television, etc.. I was truly amazed to see the performances that Mr. Wirth got the cast to reveal. It is an intense film and subject matter but with a sense of family, for not giving up on family, or yourself. To see pass the weaknesses that we all share, that with love and faith in each other you can triumph.

I am no expert by any sense of the word but the camera work and the way Wirth broke the tension more than once to keep the movie viewer from going over the edge was great. I feel Billy Wirth has found his calling behind the camera and am looking forward to what else he has up his writing/directing sleeve.

The performances of Thomas Jefferson Byrd, Carlton Wilborn, Keno Deary, Ellen Cleghorn were special to me. I look forward to more work from these gifted actors.

I also feel the movie forces the viewer to look inside themselves, to experience another world that many of us don't know and refuse to see. The addict, the homeless, they could all be us. That they do have faces, names, families and souls.

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