Schooby Doo 2

I thought this film was amazingly better then the first one. The first one won the razzy for worst motion picture but got 54 million bucks at the box office in the first week.This film it should win an oscar.Ok it wasn't that good but it was still great.But when you go to that movie not expect only a great film but you'll be impresed by Mathew Lillard's performance as Shagg because i thought he was wonderful.And I also just loved the film. The bad news though is so many people were disippointed about the first one this one only made 30 million in the first week.So there might not be as many people who want to go see this film. But it is a good film and why did you go to see the first one when you could of saved 10 dollars and go see the second one.Just you should go see this one because this one is way better.
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Review: Let there not be a third star2/10 andrew

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