Bad to be good

It's stupid, the setup is preposterous, and there's no depth of any sort here. But I laughed. Quite a bit at that. Maybe it's because I should be doing other things today - the joy inherent in playing hooky (or is that hookie?).

Bill Murray goes to visit his brother in England. Because he's having an important business dinner, Murray gets sent off to a cutting edge participant-based theater. A predictable (for this kind of movie) mix-up later, and he's acting the role of secret agent, except there's an actual nefarious plot afoot, and he's oblivious to it all.

You don't need to know more than that. The kind of humor is exactly what you'd expect, but it works, at least for me. The reason for this must be the sincerity of Murray's character - he really doesn't have a clue, and he seems like it. Most everyone else is pure caricature, but it doesn't matter. This film doesn't aim high, but it hits its target pretty well.

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