Very entertaining

This is a visually appealing film. It is animated but differs from the mass market animation product delivered in the United States. The palette of this film is mostly brown. It has none of the garish colours of child focused pictures.

The movie starts with a gradnmother and grandson watching television. The Triplettes de Belleville our on TV. It's likely set around the 1920s as the Triplettes skill is to come up with catchy rhythms and songs. The entire movie is done with a minimal amount of spoken communication. It's made clear that the grandmother is the only care taker of the young child. To make him happy, she buys him a tricycle and a dog. We fast forward and the young boy has been transformed into a gaunt but muscular man. He rides in the Tour de France but is picked up by the devious broom wagon who abducts 3 riders for the amusement of an entrepreneur in Belleville. The rest of the movie is the grandmother tracking down her grandson.

It's an amazing audio synch job they pull off. The dog is voiced by a real dog. You won't find any talking dog narratives. He's quite a character and is very amusing, but the filmmakers keep him from being anthropomorphic.

The animation is well done. It feels like a lot of the key frames were done by hand. There are only a couple of 3D renderings.

The movie is well paced and very stimulating

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