Minimal production leads to better results

If you've seen the commercial for this movie, you've seen some of the better parts of the movie. This isn't to say you shouldn't see this dance film. The movie starts with minimal titles and goes straight to a dance off - in which teams of kids get in a boxing ring and show their best dance moves; the audience picks the winner. There was no need to introduce the characters, we get to know them well enough. The story isn't that deep. Essentially the neighborhood champs get challenged by a mostly white dance team from the big city. The story is likely stripped down and cut for a PG rating.

This movie includes some of the newest and best moves I've seen in an urban dance movie in some time. It's cheap, harmless fun. Some people I know have seen it more than once, I don't think I need too. It's still a lot better than Dirty Dancing.

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