I had no idea I was about to see this. Stuck in between a noisy round of trailers, Destino opens like a preview. The movie is six minutes long. So it was only after the 90 second mark that I realized it wasn't a preview, it was a short. The story line was written by Dali (yes, Salvador) and shelved by Disney (yes, Walt). Roy Disney revived the project and it was completed last year. Dali did some of the set paintings and the Disney team animated the movie. (Dali also worked with Hitchcock on Spellbound for sets and conceptual dreams). This short film is startling. The lucid, fluid like state of Dali's paintings come to life. There's not much of a plot line, but the screen is filled with images. Portions of the movie feel a little contrived, but Dali's work has achieved the status of Munch's Scream or Warhol's soup cans, so you know you have seen the images before. Essentially, we follow a ballerina through the desert with decaying structures encapsulating other bodies waiting to be freed. This is to be released on DVD in 2004. I would love to see it again, this time a little better prepared.
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