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From it's cheesy B-Movie beginnings, this was the first "big budget" installment of the Evil Dead movies. It quickly grew to a be a cult classic and amass a huge, unprecedented, but loyal following.

All that aside, this movie rocked!!! Definitely rates high up on my favorite movies list. Whether you love it or hate it, you have to admit, it was damned entertaining.

I just got the real Director's Cut on DVD with all the original footage (15 extra minutes). It was really neat to see the stuff that they had to cut out and change from their original conception. There was a love scene in there between Ash and Sheila, there was a big change in some of the dialogue and the original ending. There was a bit more to the scene in the windmill that gives more indication why he broke the mirror.

If you're a fan of independent B-movies, this should also rate high on your list. Very well done and effects for the time were seamless. Director's cut is definitely worth the 12.99 I spent at Best Buy.

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