Identical Olsens

Do I really have nothing better to do on a snowy Saturday, fighting off the headache from the night before, than to watch any little piece of fluff that comes on cable? With no my kids of my own, I have somehow subjected myself to an Olsen twins movie.

I'm trying to be open here, keeping in mind the intended audience for the film, which is basically a rehash of The Parent Trap. Why do they always exploit the children who want a complete set of parents? Everyone's favorite twins play surprisingly identical little girls that have no actual relation to each other (though, guess what, they very well might soon, given how the film ends). Amanda is a tomboyish orphan, while Alyssa has a rich, historically inattentive father (Steve Guttenberg), and has come home to find him engaged to an annoying and clearly scheming woman. Amanda would love to be adopted by the single social worker in charge of her (Kirstie Alley), but with no spouse and the low salary for such a job, it just wasn't going to happen. Toss in an excuse for these two identical non-twins to meet, they'll of course swap places, cause havoc, and get their respective parental-type-figures to fall in love.

The storyline is not surprising. There's no actual nod to the adults here like some more mainstream fare (often found in animated films nowadays). For this sort of film, this is not a killer. The direction is actually fairly good, especially for what looks to be fairly cheap production.

To me, the biggest real problem with the film is the age of the Olsens - they're cute, doing cute things, but requiring them to be different people seems to have been a stretch. I swear I thought Alyssa was supposed to be British for much of the film, for the high-brow accent the character had. And then when they swap places, the pretending-to-be-the-other-person came off pretty much the same as acting-as-that-character.

Really, the film is just enough to entertain young people (from my own perspective, that is), but is not that impressive otherwise. It's not flawed so much as unambitious.

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