A Long Movie... is it long enough?

Tom Hanks spends a good hour and a half on a presumably charted desert isle, and shouldn't that be enough for me? Yes, there is much indulgence in the sights and sounds and experience of this location during the largely speechless second act. I still feel that there is a certain amount of compromise going on here. It's not a movie for everyone. I cannot imagine how many people were already bored by the time he washes ashore, so those extra scenes I wanted on the island probably would have blown the pacing for the average person. The opening and ending manage to establish the pacing and wrap things up in a way that is relevant to the story rather than to be bookends on the island experience. I'm sure there are other works out there with sparse dialog, but I am reminded of a particular episode of The Prisoner that did the same thing, and with some similar plot as well.

Overall, production values are high, as can be expected from a film with its expectations. It is a pleasant enough movie, if you have the time to experience it - do not do chores with Cast Away in the background or you are doomed to think nothing happened. Still, I am left with a feeling this could have been something more, perhaps a mini-series...

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