What do you get from watching movies? There must be something to it, with all the effort people make, discussing and dissecting what they've seen. It's a bit like an exchange of ideas, flowing from the screen, and through the audience - only rarely will a film serve as a true response to another film - usually the ideas are simply built up and torn down as time goes on.

So why am I yammering on like this? Perhaps, like some people - many we've seen on screen - I look to justify my place in the world. That sounds fair, doesn't it? So maybe the most reviews I did in a day this year was just four, and that only twice. My rate of reviews is down considerably. Perhaps I've run out of things to say about films like Freaky Friday, or Chasing Liberty, or Alien Versus Predator, or whatever benign pablum comes down the pike. I'm still watching, and I'll let you know when I've found something worth the discussion.

Now, bring on 2005!


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